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Consumer Security and Fraud Prevention

AdelFi values our members' rights to a safe and secure banking experience and will never call or email asking for your bank account information. Stay vigilant in protecting your personal information. Click "Learn More" for additional resources.

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Money Management

Image of Teens walking down the street
Preparing Teens For Their Financial Future

By the time your children are teenagers, they probably understand the basic concepts of personal finance and have savings and checking accounts established in their names. (If not, it’s never too late to teach them these lessons. Our previous posts,...

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Image of teen girl sitting at a computer
How to Teach Tweens Money Management

The “Tweens”, often referred to as preadolescence or pre-teens, is the stage of development following early childhood and ending with the start of the teenage years, so kids from about 10 to 13 years old. The term tweens refer to this age...

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